Patient warming system is used to warm a patient’s body with heat generating from the electrical mattresses for preventing hypothermia.
The system is composed by control unit and mattress, easily installation and operation, convenient maintenance and management.


electric carbon fiber fast
X-ray translucent


Professional Design for Operating Room


  • X-Ray translucent - It doesn’t affect the quality of imaging examination

  • Easy to use - Eergonomically designed both for user and patients.

  • No airborne contamination - It doesn’t affect surgical environment

  • Easy to clean - Existing infection control procedures is enough.

  • Popularly used- Mattresses are available in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions to suit different applications and clinical needs.

More Effective Heating Performance

  • Flexible carbon fiber heating technology - It has features of fast heating, high thermal efficiency, high strength and long service life.

  • Homogenous warming - It gives even heating across the whole surface and temperature fluctuation is little as well.

  • Pressure-relief mattress with high elasticity - It provides larger contact surface ,and offers high efficient warming effect.

More Economic & Better Environment Protection


  • No disposables - Its overall running cost is low. It is available for all patients at no extra cost.

  • Silent operation - It integrates into the hospital environment easily and makes no noise pollution.

  • Low power consumption- Save on electric bill and reduce carbon footprint.

  • Cost savings – It can shorten hospitalization, improve bed-ward turnaround time, and reduce hospital operating costs.

High Safety Performance


  • Low voltage operation – It ensures the safety both

    for patients and operators.

  • IPX7 waterproof grade - Any harm won't be caused

    even if put the mattress into 1-meter deep water.





Temperature   output range

33-39,in steps of 0.1

0%-100%in steps of 10%

Power   Supply

AC: 220V-240V50Hz/60Hz

 Maximum   Surface Temperature

Not   exceeding 40 °C in normal condition and no 41 in single fault condition.


Mattress’surface temperature


Mains   failure, overtemperature, temperature variation, system failure.



Warm   5190

1900mm X 520mm X 30mmStandard configuration

Warm   5120

1200mm X 520mm X 30mm

Warm   5100

1070mm X 520mm X 30mm


EN   60601-1:2006/AC:2010

EN   60601-1-2:2007

EN   60601-1-8:2007/AC:2010

EN   60601-2-35:2009

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